Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

 Captain America and Cinderella took to the streets.  
 Salvatore changed him mind many times before finally settling on Captain America.  He ran through all options of the Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk or Thor.  One night in Toys R Us, we started putting all of the stuff on him and joked that he should just BE the Avengers all by himself. We had the Captain America costume already, an Iron Man mask, those huge Hulk hands, and Thor's hammer in his other hand. He finally chose Captain America because he is really a soldier. Those were Salvatore's words.
 Valentina was easy. She wanted to be a princess. Any princess. She loved every type and color of dress. The hard part was finding her size, but we finally did.  I added her little black choker, tights, black shoes, and a wand. Hair up in a fancy bun, a bit of girly glitter, and Cinderella was created.
This was Salvatore's favorite house. He was amazed at the life size Iron Man and his little Hulk friend. They were constantly giving each other high-fives and Salvatore told them that he would go and find Thor and be back so they could work together for peace. Again, his words. 

We went through our neighborhoods, stopped at a pumpkin patch, and ate a second late dinner with Tio Jorge (also a soldier).  The loot was bountiful and we were (I was) very happy with the large amounts of Reece's and good chocolate this year. Far less licorice and fruity stuff, and only one Tootsie Roll (NOT REAL CHOCOLATE IN MY BOOK). I've been on overdrive, but trying to pace myself to have both bags finished by Thanksgiving. 

How was your Halloween?

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