Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Fun with Sita 2012

 Another wonderful summer visit from my mom!  The kids loved having her here, as all of us did!
We shopped, cooked, cleaned, reorganized, shopped more, went many places, ate a ton of food, and shopped a bit more.  It was wonderful to wake up with her here each morning and to kiss her goodnight before bed.  
 We did much more than what these pictures show, but some are on other cameras and iPhones. We can download and share those later.  We went to California Adventure for mom's birthday and we saw my Aunt Lisa and ate cake and ice cream every night (and day).
Family meals were our focus and we enjoyed many!
 We went to the Discovery Science Center again. And we saw Madagascar 3.
 Spent the day in San Diego with the Padres and the newest recruits for the U.S. Army.
 Out to eat at Portillo's. YUM!
 David and Salvatore wearing their Italian pride (before they lost).
 We always let Salvatore take his own photos. These are his.
 Sita (my mom) and her parents.
 Super Sita (my Sita) and Fred with Valentina.

Mom, we can't thank you enough for all that you shared with us!  So sad to see you go, but that only gets us planning our next vacation together!  We love you so so much!
 Also happy to note that my step-sister Beth, and her boyfriend Bobby, will be out to visit us next month!  

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