Saturday, July 7, 2012

Familia Licona 2012

With my mom visiting, we wanted some updated family shots and we had no intention of making an appointment and sitting in some store taking turns perching on a wooden box with our feet behind the white line.  That's why you need a talented photographer in your life who makes house calls, like Sara.

 I love this one because my Grandpa Bobby is front and center and Benedict just sat down perfectly after watching us play musical chairs.
 A picture does tell 1,000 words...words like: silly, brat, uncooperative, and goofy. All words to describe Valentina during this shoot. You would never guess, though.
 Sweet girl.
 Sweet boy.
 Ok, my first thought when I saw this photo of David and Valentina is that I can GUARANTEE they will take this exact shot in 30 years when she gets married.  Like after their first dance or something, right???  So, when I loaded it into my iPhoto, I laughed because for some reason, my dates are all wrong now with each import, and the date for this import literally read July 3, 2036.  Valentina will be 26 years old.  Sigh....
 Proud Sita with her grandkids.
 Familia Licona 2012
Sara, I am gonna ask you right now to keep the first week of July open in 2014, unless we are in Brazil for the World Cup, which will surely happen if I win the lottery. 


  1. If u win the lottery, I'm going to brazil With you.

  2. Awesome shots of a beautiful family!!