Sunday, July 29, 2012

When Working Out Doesn't Work Out

I've had trouble sleeping this summer. Maybe it's the heat. We don't have AC. Maybe it's the constant busyness, despite the fact that I am "off" for the summer. Maybe it's the major growing pains that both kids are going through or the sudden barking of neighborhood dogs or the fly that keeps sneaking in through the back door.  Or maybe I just need to burn off some more steam, get rid of some of this energy.  

Hey, I know! 
 I'll start working out more.
  I've got time and support. 

  When my mom was visiting, we walked together almost each morning, since she was still on Florida time and waking 3 hours before the rest of us.  I woke up with her and off we went, in the cool quiet calm of a La Habra morning.  We walked up Euclid, way into the hills, and marveled at the lovely, spacious homes.  We sprinted when the mood was right, and walked the rest, but mostly we talked and planned how many of those homes we would buy if we won the lottery. Since she could only visit for a week, I immediately missed my walking partner.  No fun talking to myself about those homes.  

Then Brian introduced me to PANDORA.  WOW! The music lover in me just about lost her mind as I searched for many a favorite station.  Yesssssssssssssss. THIS. WILL. WORK.

Then, Brian told me how he not only uses Pandora for music, but he types in our favorite comedians as well, and the world of entertainment opens bigger yet.


I set Jim Gaffigan, and Brian Regan on the favorite stations and was ready to enjoy killing two birds with one stone-working out and listening to great stand-up.  

Not. A. Good. Combination.  

While I absolutely LOVED the great rotation of stand-up comedy looping through my iPhone, I could not control myself when I heard these skits.  I would laugh out loud, sometimes crying because it was so funny, causing neighbors to wonder/worry what was wrong with me (from a distance, it was not evident that I must have been listening to great comedians).  I would trip while walking down hills, miss curbs, and hold up traffic while crossing streets because I was laughing so hard at these men. Can't really call it "working out" if you aren't "working" very hard.  I even stopped getting honked and whistled at, people just stared like I was a maniac or something.  

And then, if I heard a really funny skit, I had to stop to KIK Brian or Heather, both major lovers of the same comedy.  Then I would laugh and giggle and their replies and pretty soon, I was not really working out at all.  Instead it was just a long, silly walk around town with my phone in my hand.  
If I ever decide to take this more seriously, I might have to ditch the comedic stations and stick to the hits and classics.  Until then, if you notice any change in my physical appearance at all, it will probably be all in the facial muscles-from laughing so much!:)


  1. Reason 457 we should be neighbors. I need a walking buddy.

  2. i think you look great! your face and your body. :)

  3. I would love to be your walking buddy too.