Friday, June 15, 2012

Dodge Grand Caravan Crew Review

 Check out our new ride!  Yes, we have joined the trend and bought ourselves a minivan...
 but it doesn't feel like a mini-van or drive like a mini-van...
 After a week or so of searching, we found and fell in love with this Dodge Grand Caravan Crew.
This baby is a 2011 with low mileage and a back-up camera and lots of storage space and a DVD player for those long rides...
 It gets good gas mileage and it is so fun to drive...
 It seats 7. Two captain chairs and a third row seat that still leaves tons of trunk space...
and my favorite feature (the real selling point for me) is the way these back seats convert to "tailgate seats" in one quick move.  I discovered this feature accidentally while test driving many cars one night and the salesman didn't even know it could do that!  
With soccer, family visitors, road trips and school right around the corner, it was time to upgrade us into  a more comfortable and spacious ride.  
Boy, these vans have sure come a long way from this, huh?


  1. What are you talking about... I grew up with an 80s Chevy van... before the "mini"! :)

  2. Yes, Mel, I remember the pics...and your knee high socks too! I interviewed with Sully today, and as we spoke, I kept looking over his shoulder at YOUR FAMILY PICTURES on his walls. It was so nice to be looking at your and Reece's face in that situation.

  3. we've been thinking mini-van, too! :) we'll have to keep this one in mind.