Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Non-Stop Talker

OH, this talkative little boy does not yet have a filter for toning down his private talk in public places...everyone hears every word out of his mouth!

While looking at beautiful statues and paintings at the Getty:

"See baby Jesus?  Why doesn't he have a diaper on?  Why?"

While waiting for me in the stall of any public restroom:

"You have to go poop, mama, or just pee pee?"  "Are you pooping mama?  Huh? Are you?"

While meeting a new little boy (with long hair) from down the street:

"SHE can play with my toys.  SHE can sit on the swing with me."  
I reminded him EVERYTIME that it was a boy, not a girl.  Wasted breath.

While demonstrating for Valentina how to crawl:

"See Valentina?  "You just go like this and crawl and crawl.  It's easy. Even a baby could do it."

Can't wait to see the comments from his first report card!


  1. hahahahahahaha! can you PLEASE write a book? too cute! :)

  2. Every Mommy needs a book called "Sh*t My Kid Says," just like that twitter feed / book / tv show.

  3. I love that they have no filter at this age. Yesterday in the dressing room Mia shouted out, "Nice panties Mommy!" There's some kind of freedom that toddler's get to experience in being able to say whatever comes into their mind.