Friday, February 4, 2011

Explaining MakeUp to my Son

While getting ready for our day today, Salvatore watched me put on my make-up.  He has seen me do this several times before, but has only shown interest in holding one of my eye shadow compacts because the size and shape resemble a toy camera that he has, so he carries it around and pretends to take pictures.  
And since he has been in the "why" stage for a over a year now, our conversation went something like this:

Sal:  What is that for?  (Watching me put on concealer)

Me:  It protects my skin from the sun.  (Not wanting to explain that I have dark circles under my eyes, I think of the easiest way to make a connection for him-sun protection)

Sal:  And what is that for?  (Now I am putting on blush)

Me:  Well, this makes it look like I have been in the sun...  (See the strangeness happening here? One thing so I don't get hurt by the sun, but the next so it LOOKS like I've been in the sun)

Sal:  What are you doing to your eyes?  

Me:  I am curling my eyelashes so they look more like yours.  (His curl up and practically touch his eyebrows)

Sal:  What is that and how much did it cost?

Me:  This is mascara and it cost me about $5.  It makes me lashes look darker.

Salvatore just stared at me silently.  Then he shrugged.  He finally asked why he, Valentina and daddy don't use make-up.  I told him it is because you are all beautiful just the way you are.  

Then I realized that this is a conversation I will surely have with Valentina over and over again someday, but I wanted Sal to know the real truth.  Besides the fact that make-up makes me feel a bit prettier and secure.  Besides the fact that it is sometimes just muscle memory, meaning I apply it like I go through the motions of brushing my teeth. It is just a part of my routine.

Besides all of that, I say:

Me:  Make up is fun for girls.  It is fine for us to wear it and fine when we don't.  It's the color really. And it actually soothes me each morning  and I like smiling at myself when I am done.  Make up is just fun.  

Sal:  O.K!  (And off he runs to take "pictures" with my compact)


  1. ;)
    Maybe he could watch jacks spin lash mascara commercial?!
    Love it!

  2. Too funny! It is good to stop and laugh at those funny, passing moments (:

  3. Yeah. What is it with boys and the long eyelashes? Jack has 'em, too; I think he inherited them from his Papa.

  4. It's strange how until you have to explain something how seldom you think about it!

  5. It's been a long time since I've seen the kids. Salvatore is brighter than ever. I'm glad to see how wonderfully the children are coming along.