Saturday, February 26, 2011

If You Got It, Flaunt It...

Spinach, I mean.
I bought it on sale this week and have been putting it in everything. I like to cook but I am not good at following recipes, because I don't really use or follow measurements.
Here is what spinach did for our dinner:

Mooshu Chicken

Boil and shred 2 chicken breasts. Chop fresh spinach and cilantro. Julienne carrots. Couple small scoops of cream cheese(room temp is easier to mix). A tablespoonful of Hoisin Sauce.
As much Sriracha as you can handle.
Mix it all together. Delicious. Seriously.
You can make egg rolls, put it on tostadas, or serve it with Saltine crackers.
We love it because it tastes so fancy and fresh. Totally light and filling, too.
With the rest of my spinach, I made a tortellini soup. Used the chicken stock from the Mooshu. Sliced carrots, onions, celery, little garlic. Bay leaf. Oregano and basil. Salt and pepper. Handfuls of fresh spinach. Tortellini from Claro's Italian Market (I love it because we walk there, Sal loves the sprinkles cookies they give him). Yum!

I took these pictures after we had already eaten half of everything!
Buen provecho!

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  1. that looks yummy! and how funny, i did spinach all last week. spinach omelette, spinach in pasta, etc. the bag of spinach is so big and lasts so long i had to find ways to incorporate it. this is a good recipe for the future! :)