Monday, February 21, 2011


Salvatore is amazing! 
 He is cool, calm, wild, silly, emotional, helpful, and stubborn all at the same time. 
 At three years and 2 months old, here is a glimpse into his life:

1.  He is now afraid that he will go down the drain with his bath water and will stop at nothing to get himself out even before pulling the plug.  ( long will THIS stage last?)

2.  He prides himself on being able to calm Valentina down the second she starts to cry and he loves to share his toys with her and watch cartoons with her each morning.  He also wants her right by his side (in her highchair) when he is eating.  And he is certain that he will be the one who teaches her how to crawl.

3.  He still asks WHY all the time...been over a year in that stage. And for the last six months he loves to ask, "Where did you buy this or that?" and "How much did it cost?"  If you don't have an answer, or he doesn't like the answer you give, he will proudly state his answer.  And remind you over and over and over.

4.  He loves to tell me what shape his #2's look like....this morning he shouted, "It looks just like a branch!"

5.  He is easy to entertain.  His new favorite game is What's Missing?  I line up between 4 and 10 of his favorite toys on the table and he tells me what each one is as he points to it.  Then I make him walk into the kitchen and I remove one. I call him back and he has to tell me which one is missing.  He usually gets the first two wrong, but by the end, he can tell me out of 10 things!  David and I were laughing because even we couldn't remember after 6 or 7.  Then he makes us do it and laughs and laughs as we try to figure it out.  

6.  He loves to be the boss and he loves to be in charge.  Nothing new in that department.

7.  He can recognize his name anywhere but can not spell it yet.  I know exactly how he feels. :)

8.  He uses his own logic and reasoning daily.  He told me the other day that we no longer have to watch Finding Nemo because he already found Nemo (in the bottom of his toy box) and that he is "way faster than the dad in the movie!"

9.  If he wakes up grumpy and whiny, watch out!  It usually lasts. All. Day. Long.

10.  He loves to ride his bike!  He is getting really good at it.

11.  He loves to play restaurant and will carry a paper plate around like a serving tray and serve us our favorites in the "Salvatore Licona Restaurant."

I am writing this all down, so I never forget! :)


  1. #2- so sweet!
    #4 - hahahahaha!
    #8 - so clever and funny!

  2. Taylor is with her friend Sal on #'s 3,4,6 and 9. The 32 is too funny. She'll say it's a snake, pickle, hot dog poo poo or is giant or little,etc.

    I love your what's missing game idea. I will have to try that too :).

  3. I love the idea of What's Missing? That is a clever game for a clever boy:)

    I am with you on the getting up on the wrong side of the bed thing.

    These little people we are raising - gotta love them!