Thursday, July 22, 2010

Valentina's Baby Friends

She is lucky, just like her big brother...she already has so many wonderful little friends!

Above is Valentina with Paloma, Stephanie's daughter.  I teach with Stephanie and she is one of the nicest and prettiest girls that you will ever meet.  The girls are one month apart.
Above is a very young Valentina with Zachary, Tracy's son.  Zachary was her date last month at the Angels game.  We were in the teaching credential program together and she is so kind, sweet and good at everything she does!  The kids are 2 months apart.
Above is Valentina and Chloe, the twin daughter of my dear friend Jules.  Her twin baby brother is Dylan, and he was sleeping through the photo shoot.  Chloe gave Valentina the bracelet that she is wearing in this photo, so they match.   I worked with 
Jules at Cedar Creek Inn and she is so genuine and caring in all that she does and thinks and says.  The twins are one month older than Valentina.  Jules is also a twin!

Above is Valentina and Makayla, the daughter of my dear friend Michelle.  Michelle and I also met in the teaching credential program and our lives are very similar.  We understand everything about each other and Michelle always has my back!  Makayla is 8 months old.  

Valentina also has Audrey, Sophie, Isabel, Daniel, Dean and all of her brother's friends too!  This circle of motherhood has created quite a bond with so many people from my past and present.  Looks like a bright future for all!


  1. I love these photo shoots! Seems like yesterday! She is looking more and more like her big brother....

  2. She's getting so big! I haven't seen her in almost a month. :(

  3. the pic of val + chloe makes me smile because of their "behind the head" pose! =P

  4. Beautiful babies everywhere! Motherhood opens up a whole new world of wonderful friendships!

  5. oh... what a sweet, sweet post! i missed this one, somehow!

    p.s. isabelle and valentina need a photo together!! :)