Saturday, July 17, 2010


After nursing Valentina, I burped her and laid her on my bed.  She was staring up in total fascination at our ceiling fan and I laid down next to her and started watching a movie.  Although it was 95 degrees in our bedroom (we have no A.C.), I was so happy to just be next to her and feeling her kick her feet around and coo at the fan.    I was laughing hysterically at this movie when I heard her laugh.  I quickly turned my head to her and there she was, laughing.  So I laughed.  And she stared at me and laughed.  I laughed again.  She returned the laugh while staring back at me.  She has been smiling for weeks now and she can turn her head to watch you and follow your voice.  And now she laughs.  It was thrilling for me to share this moment with her...and I can't wait for the future when we really laugh together at movies and shows and jokes and whatever else tickles us.   


  1. The BEST sound in the whole wide world.
    Wait until they laugh TOGETHER.
    Your heart will melt...

  2. so contagious...kissies to the 2 of you!

  3. i love this post because i know exactly how you feel when you hear your little girl laugh. couldn't you listen to it over and over again? :)

  4. So precious. I agree with all the other is the best sound.I am sure Salvatore will bring out her laugh over and over again.