Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dos Meses (Two Months)

My baby girl is 2 months old!  Thank you Auntie Tracy for the sticker to wear on her shirt that shows her age.  Here are her stats:
Weight:  11 lbs. 10 oz.  (75%) 
Height:  22 inches  (50%)
Head:   36 cm  (75%)
If you look closely at the picture, you will see her new earrings!  We took her to the mall yesterday and got her ears pierced.  She  was so alert in the store and the worker marked her ears and I held her in my lap facing out.  On the count of three, it was done.  She cried, I cried, and then the other side was done.  Valentina cried for maybe 3 minutes and then was fine!  She cried harder over her immunizations yesterday at her well baby check-up.  She looks so pretty with her earrings, and in 6 weeks, we can put in her little diamond earrings that her Lolo in Mexico made just for her!


  1. 2 months older, 2 months bigger, 2 months sweeter!

  2. i'm loving her pants! :) happy two months!

  3. Yay! The sticker looks great! I can't believe she is 11 pounds already!!

  4. Happy two months sweet girl! Boy time flies. She is a big girl! She is just as beautiful as ever. I love the earrings, hair and two month sticker :).