Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Art without the Mess

Not that I am opposed to messes, but I don't have paints laying around the house.  While searching for a game for Salvatore to play on my computer, I came across and if you just click on the website above the streaming video (where it says enter jackson pollock), it will give you a blank canvas.  My blonde hair and I stared at the blank canvas for quite awhile before I angrily touched the mouse and realized that the canvas was waiting for us to touch the mouse.  It gives you black paint first and as you move your mouse around, it paints.  To change the paint color, click your mouse and continue on.

Salvatore loved it!! Here is his first masterpiece!!
Also check out for more great games for infants and toddlers!


  1. Did you see this is also an iPhone application?

  2. That artwork is so cool! Mia really enjoys the ABC ZOO which is on the Fisher Price Website at

  3. That is such a great idea. Taylor is soooo into art right now and I would love the mess free idea. I haven't ever let her officially let her play on the computer. I am scared to start it might become an obsession as most other things do with her.