Friday, October 28, 2011

Random Thoughts and Kindness

After coming home from my school's Fall Festival, Salvatore commented, "There sure were a lot of kids there tonight."
"Yes, there were. Mommy will have a job as long as there are children."
"Does everybody have children?"
"Why not?"
"Some people don't want children, some don't have enough money, some are still waiting for the right time, and still some others just can't."
"That's O.K. I know that Jesus has all children with Him. He watches them all. He will give some to people now and others will get them in Heaven."


  1. Two sweet their faith. (and their mommies)

  2. my heart is smiling at salvatore's beautiful words and his heart. :) so glad i got to see you on friday, even though it was brief! i've been thinking a lot about you... wanting to get together one of these days! :)

  3. I was not expecting this one - Sal has such a huge heart:)