Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Lula would be 21 today.

Remember the chocolate filled churros we loved from Coyocan?
San Juan Teotihuacan.
My husband's great family.
You kissing Chac Mool.
Remember when you convinced me to sit on these steps for a picture and the second my butt touched the stair, that crazy alarm went off and I had to explain myself in Spanish because you were laughing too hard to even help me?

Pumas!!!!! Goya goya!!
Remember how we pulled each other around that ice skating rink a million times? Knowing now, I would have never let go.

Walking around in downtown DF.
Inside the palace.
That week we spent in Acapulco. You and I sharing a jet ski. Searching for a birthday cake for mama in the pouring rain. Swimming all day and dancing all night.
When you wore all of my clothes and you styled my hair and make-up.
You took this picture that first night in Acapulco.
Your childhood home. Door always open for you...we love you and miss you very very much.


  1. :) what precious memories to hold on to.

  2. Beautiful. Loved all those pictures. She's with you everyday...how wonderful.

  3. hermana gracias por estar con nosotros, te queremos mucho. we love your family shalimar thanks for everything.Maylo.