Friday, June 10, 2011

Pink Tails

Like her pink tails?
I didn't realize until I was an adult that the correct word for this hairstyle is "pigtails".
I must admit, when I first found out we were expecting a girl, my excited visions were of us getting our nails done together, shopping together, enjoying the same romantic and heartwarming movies and music together...I wasn't dreaming of styling her hair everyday. I didn't know she would have so much so soon. Nor am I good at it. I don't even style my own hardly. And I hated getting it done when I was a kid.
I never even bought her any barrettes or clips. Luckily, my friends with little girls passed down many of their clips and bows and I was intrigued to start somewhere.
I have been practicing this "pink tail" style for a while now. You would never guess that although her hair in the front is really long, the little hairs in the back are too short to even make it into pink tails, so they all stick out. Looking like I did a bang up job. And she squirms and resists unless I give her something unique to play with or hold.

But she looks so so so pretty when the battle is over!

People ask me all the time if she is 2. Which cracks me up, because at 18 lbs., she is still only a big as a 9 month old though she is now 12 months. TWO? Gotta be the hair. And I wish my color was as soft, rich and shiny as hers. She will never have to color it and we will never match, but I prefer it that way. Children are always more beautiful than their parents.


  1. she is beautiful, just like her mommy. that last picture is too adorable for words. (makes me miss my baby.) i LOVE valentina's smile. :)

  2. You should tie some pink ribbons in those pink tails.

    I hear you on the short hair in the back thing, too, only Audrey's is short underneath and long on top, like a reverse mullet.

  3. beautiful parents make gorgeous kids! you're living proof of that!! i agree w/ jane. LOVE the SMILE, esp. the last one where she's biting her bottom lip.

  4. With R's lack of hair, he was being called a baby BY OTHER KIDS at age 2! They'd point to him and say, "look at the baby!" I wanted to say, "he's older than you, little snot!" but I didn't.