Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Garden FROM Eden

Yesterday at work, my friend Eden surprised me by telling me she had a little something for my kids in the trunk of her car. She has passed on many nice things for my kids and has always kept her eye out for more stuff for me. While out with her daughter the other day, she said she came across this Little Tikes Activity Garden BuzzAround that was left for the taking and she wanted to take it...problem was, she and her daughter were on their bikes. In true wonderful Eden fashion, she said she did not hesitate to pick it up immediately-fearing another would surely come by to take it-and she CARRIED IT OVER HER HEAD while riding her beach cruiser bike home! For me! For Salvatore and Valentina! Because she heard me mention once that I was on the lookout for free Little Tikes stuff for our backyard....

See the joy this woman has spread to me and my family?

It is no secret that I work with an amazing staff at Richman and the friendships that have been created through education, common interests, and parenthood are unmatched anywhere. I have been really emotional this past week as we wrap up another school year. Saying goodbye to this particular group of 6th graders is tough...they were my favorite 3rd grade class. But to see how far they have come and to know how far they will go is just amazing. Really...does your job give you that satisfaction, that belief in our future, that humbleness that comes from learning how to listen and watch, that joy of seeing them grow, that smug smile that leaves your mouth when they move on as you secretly wipe your tears? That is what being a teacher at Richman does for me.

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