Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Other Side of the Fence

After I wrote a little note for his lunch box, David turned it over and drew him this picture.
I put in in a Ziploc baggie so it would not get wet from his Thermos.

Salvatore loved his preschool and looks forward to returning next week.
He did not cry, was easy to wake up, and his teacher, Miss Mary, said he was a very good boy who fit right in.
I can' t explain how wonderful it feels to find a place and a teacher who loves him and will care for him greatly as he learns the ins and outs of school, friendship, fun, creativity, rules, and manners from more than just us.
As a teacher, I have always been on that one side of the fence-the side that cares for the kids, that counsels them, educates them, disciplines them, manages them, and acts like a mom or nurse or ______when the need arises for them...
And now I am on the other side.
When I dropped him off on his first day, he did not cry. But I did. Just a little. While driving to work. I was proud of him for trying something new. I was proud of me for getting out of the house on time with all things needed to start this day. But, I was really, really happy that he would be in good hands.
As I got to my school that day, I said "hello" to EVERY KID I SAW. I am friendly anyways, but this time I sought kids out. Made more eye contact. Stopped for every single hug. Talked about, and listened to, every single detail shared with me that morning.
I watched the parents who walk, drive and drop off their kids more intently now...wondering what joys and fears consume them in their daily journeys with and without their kids.
And I pray for them even more now, because I get it even more now...
Thanks be to God.


  1. Its such a joy to see our kids have experiences of their own. It allows them to really express themselves, and we see a whole new part of the people they are becoming....because of his daily reports, you will see what he feels is important about his experiences. Its bittersweet to see them grow, but the pride you will feel will outweigh it times 100.

  2. Fantastic! Preschool is the best. R loves it, and asks for it on non-preschool days. It has helped him become so much better socially, and he is constantly coming home with new knowledge. It is a very cool thing to watch.

    You are a good and loving mama, and you have many more years of sweetness to come.

    Good job...