Friday, March 11, 2011

Lenten Journey

Wednesday began my favorite holiday season, the season of Lent. Beginning with Ash Wednesday, Lent connects us to the faithful journey that Jesus took alone in the desert. He did not merely survive, he thrived on His faith, love, determination and acceptance of His situation and the world around Him. We are encouraged to prepare ourselves for Easter by reflecting and growing in faith and prayer. A spiritual journey can be to make a goal for yourself to help you to be a better _______(you fill in the blank). A wise friend beautifully said, " Goals aren't for what you make out of them once complete, they are for who you become along the way."

Salvatore took this picture of us.
While driving to church that night, I explained to Salvatore the history and meaning of the ashes. How they come from the palms from the previous Palm Sunday. How they are spread across our foreheads so we may look at each other as another child of God. We are reminded that we are all the same.
We are encouraged to strive to see God as clearly in others as others can see the mark of the ashes on our faces.
This season, I am really working on my relationship with Benedict. I love him and I can feel our time with him already slipping by too quickly.
And so a new journey begins...

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