Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise

So the home life is getting more and more stressful...
so many things going on...
SO MANY THINGS STILL TO DO to run this house, care for the kids, care for each other and ourselves, do our jobs well, keep up our new family business, taxes, car repairs, paperwork, blah blah blah...

Salvatore has been whining non stop lately. And he is obsessed with "winning" everything. And he whines and cries if he doesn't win. I can't imagine how this will all play out when he starts karate and soccer in 2 weeks. And he still has "on purposes" weekly with potty training. I don't call them "accidents" when he simply refuses or forgets to use the restroom correctly.

Valentina is now entering her screaming phase. Thought I had a few more months until that started. She also throws major fits when I need to change her diaper, and I have tried EVERYTHING to keep her remotely attentive so I can at least get the poop wiped off of her butt before she bucks and flips over. She bites, too. And throws herself back and will gladly hit her head over and over again on anything just to make her point clear. I'm still nursing her but have had to supplement with formula on days when I can't find the time to pump at work.

And I can't keep one thing straight anymore at work. Too many things going on. Same at home. I can't remember whom I told what and when.


But we are healthy and happy and together. And our family always helps us and prays for us. And I didn't get laid off again. And we have friends constantly supplying us with diapers (thanks Steph), formula (thanks Jane), baby clothes (thanks Ivy) and so much more with home repairs and such.
We are so blessed.
It really is just another day in paradise for us.
We hope it is for you as well.


  1. Aw, it won't last long. Pretty soon, you'll deal with her going through the trash and putting stuff in her mouth you didn't know was on the floor. Adventures in mommyhood!

  2. I like the "SIGH" - just take a deep breath:) On a positive note - they are absolutely beautiful in their picture together:-)

  3. Ahh, Can totally relate, particularly to the whining and screaming. Annette can seriously scream! Love your perspective and how well you focus on savoring and enjoying the sources of joy in each day. Press on, you are amazing!