Thursday, March 24, 2011

10 Months

Valentina Lourdes is 10 months old!! She is so darling!!! She eats so much and so well. She has gone back to sleeping well in her own crib (until the next round of major teething comes, I suppose). She loves to play with her toys, Salvatore's toys, bath time, eating Cheerios, and her baby dolls. She pulls herself up on anything and walks all around the couches. She is also trying to say so many words. She can basically copy the tone and syllabication of simple words that I say, and tries to say them, like "hi, bye-bye, Benny, uh-oh, all done, mas, agua, leche, and dada and mama."
Oh, and she points. With her index finger. At everything. It is so so cute.
I can no longer keep the sticker that reads, "10 months" on her shirt. She was trying to eat it and the paper. But her smile...
She is incredibly fast now with crawling. Will follow the sound of our voices anywhere. She really has us on our toes at all times, especially because she seems to find the tiniest piece of fuzz or whatever and wants to eat it. And she loves to crawl around Benedict. He doesn't mind. But she is a bit more aggressive with him than Salvatore was. Poor Benny gives me that, "are you gonna save me from her poking me in the _________" look.

Salvatore is still her absolute favorite. She just lights up when he is around.
Salvatore's drawing of a sun. I was so impressed. I love continuing to see all that he can do and all that he loves to try.


  1. ALREADY?! time flies by so quickly... and valentina is cuteness overload!

  2. That first picture is fantastic!