Thursday, January 20, 2011

What are your thoughts on seat protectors?

Potty training has been split into three phases.

Phase one is practicing and "training" at home.  He knows how and gets the job done very well most days, with occasional "accidents" and more "on purposes".  Sigh...

On to phase two...potty training in public.  Restrooms, I mean.  While out shopping, at the bank, in CostCo, at the park, etc.  

Phase three is when they stop needing and wearing a diaper at night. We are not there yet. So back to phase two.

I was so afraid to venture out too far with him wearing his Lightning McQueen underwear beneath his Guess jeans.  I was so used to having to run multiple errands over 2-3 hour stretches that I could not imagine trying to throw using many public restrooms into the mix.  But I have.  And he does well in public.  So far, all of his accidents and "on purposes" have been at home.  He acts like a pro in public.  Somehow I have managed to get him, me, and Valentina and her diaper bag into the tiniest of stalls when nature calls.  And he is not afraid of the automatic flush yet.

But those darn seat protectors!

Why would I be cursing a seat protector?  Aren't those meant to protect you from any filthy disease just lurking around waiting to attach itself to your pants, your underwear, or your skin?  I have been a faithful user of seat protectors until the other day.  

We were in a public restroom and he was waiting patiently for me to pull the seat protector out and place it on his throne.  While holding him on the toilet, he proceeded to position himself to make sure he was "aiming down".  I noticed that I had forgotten to punch through the seat protector, but figured it was no big deal.  Well, as he started to go, his aim down was redirected by that stubborn seat cover, and it ended up shooting right out at me.  I was the one in need of a change of clothes and I was simply not prepared for that!  

I think next time that I will just go back to the old fashioned way of making my own little seat protector out of toilet paper.  You know, the kind that takes 3 minutes to make because you use like 30 sheets because some of the sheets act like they will stay put and then they fall in at the last minute so you have to start all over again.  Takes a little more time, but dry clothes are worth it.  I mean, I can't possibly pack us BOTH an extra pair of clothes, right?!


  1. This is hilarious! I SO relate on every point (:

  2. hahahahaha!
    i also am a big fan of sheet protectors. sometimes even doubling up when a toilet seat does not look too inviting. :) but i read somewhere that sheet protectors actually don't make a difference. but for me, it's a piece of mind thing. i need them. i get offended when restrooms don't have them! haha! as for making your own sheet protector? i totally know what you mean! i pictured you, balancing valentina, with the diaper bag, and slavatore patiently waiting, as you shred the sheets because they fall in right as you're going to "go". hahahahaha! funny post, friend! :)

  3. omg... i kept calling them sheet protectors. hahahaha! i am mixing up my mommy brain and teacher brain. hahahahahaha! i meant seat protectors. but you knew that... hahahaha!

  4. Are you going to be disgusted if I tell You i dont use them? Unless its a really gross restroom. And even then im more likely to find another one fitst...I've not been convinced they are worth It..and here's what I just found:
    " most organisms that would not spread disease will not survive on a plastic have more to fear from bathroom door handles and faucets...a toilet seat In a lab test had 49 bacteria per sqaure inch. Phone receivers had 25,000!

  5. I am a big fan of then in general but I have noticed they are VERY annoying with potty training/young children. By the time Taylor gets situated on the potty and holds on to the sides usually the sheet cover has fallen in the toilet already. I like to either wipe the seat down with baby wipes or use those gigantic kiddie seat protectors they sell at Babies r us, Target,etc.