Sunday, January 30, 2011

8 Months

This time, I decided to put her 8 month sticker on her back.  So you could see her standing up!

We woke up to a rainy Sunday, after 75-80 degree weather for the last two weeks.   We all got dressed in our Pumas shirts and cheered them on.  They are currently winning 3 to 1!

Sal is pointing to the sticker on her back and telling me that she is number 8!

She goes in for a little bite...this teething is crazy!
It doesn't faze him...yet. He gives her a little kiss.
And she also has 4 top teeth now.  They all fought their way in around the same time and she was pretty miserable for awhile.  Yes, the picture quality is horrible...Sara would have taken a much better picture!  And don't be fooled by the last picture that she is crawling.  Not yet.  She acts like she wants to, but then would just rather roll or scoot around.  She still loves to dance to any music she hears.  And she babbles non-stop...just like her big brother!


  1. I love the sticker on her see her standing AND her long hair :)
    She's growing way too fast!

    It's very tricky to get a picture of those teeth :)
    But, anytime you want me to try, I will come over!

  2. The picture of Valentina smiling looking at the camera is so sweet:) She has the best temperament. I also love that Salvatore is such a loving and understanding big brother:)

  3. isabelle is jealous of her beautiful long hair!
    i, however, am in love with her belly rolling over the top of her jeans. too cute!