Friday, June 18, 2010

Now I Know...

that having TWO children is a double blessing!  We love it and can't imagine our lives without either one of them.  Valentina fits right in like she has been here forever!  Salvatore is an awesome big brother and is so helpful with her.  We are in the trenches now, though, with crazy dirty diapers, tantrums, quick trips to the store, constant feedings, and trying to give everyone proper attention and love!  But I love it!!!!  Thank you, God, for our beautiful family-we give all thanks and praise to You!


  1. he looks so much older now...I knew that would happen!

  2. oh! valentina is getting so much bigger. :) and what a handsome older brother salvatore is!

  3. A mother's love is such an amazing thing! I can remember being nervous that I could not love another human as much as I love Milan. Then, when Dean came along somehow there was even more to be thankful for and to love. Before it just did not seem possible. I am so happy for you and your beautiful family:)