Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We spent Tuesday afternoon at the Discovery Science Center.  Brought out the kid in all of us.  Here is Salvatore playing a life size version of the game Operation.

Blowing smoke with daddy.  He was fearful of this exhibit at first, but quickly learned to love it.
Possibly his favorite exhibit; his priceless expression as he continuously threw the ball into the air only to watch it get swept up by the air blower.
David and Salvatore leaving their "impression" in the pin exhibit.
Salvatore was so happy to have Valentina with us all day and he constantly wanted to show her things and have her watch him as he discovered many things.  She slept the whole time, so I kept facing her car seat towards whatever he wanted her to look at and that pleased him perfectly!


  1. Dear Salvatore,
    You look like a 4 year old in that last picture.
    Can you stay 2 for a little while longer?

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  3. i love the discovery science center... the pin wall is my favorite!

    and how cute are the matching "daddy and me" caps? i love how david and salvatore have "matching" caps. :)

    and i already miss sweet, sweet valentina... i want to hold her again! :)

  4. What great family memories. Vaelntina is getting so big! I ncan't wait to see her again. Salvatore's hat makes him look so grown up.

  5. We took our fifth graders there in February, and I kept thinking that I couldn't wait until Audrey is big enough to learn something there! I'm sure you've instilled a love of learning and discovering in Salvatore, and he'll pass that on to Valentina!

    She's such a little doll. I'm sorry I couldn't hold her yesterday, but I enjoyed seeing her sweet little face.

  6. Salvatore is already such a great big brother! I can't wait to see them when Valentina is a little older - I am sure their interactions will be precious!

  7. looks like you guys had a funtabulous time!