Saturday, March 6, 2010

Valentina Saves the Recipe!

Last night, I was making Mac n Cheese for Salvatore and I only had the 1/2 stick of butter left.  As I went to peel back the wrapper on the butter to put it in the pan, I dropped it.  Butter is so slick!  I immediately stared up at the ceiling, thinking of how this would taste with no butter.  As I looked down, I saw that Miss Valentina had "caught" it-there was the butter hangin' out on my shirt. Yeah!  Thanks Valentina!  Can't wait to see all of the other ways you save us!!


  1. That is sooo hilarious. Yay Valentina. I know the pregnancy stomach dis come in handy for some things like holding plates, etc :).

  2. already a mommy's little helper in the kitchen :)

  3. If it HAD fallen, I'm sure Benny would have pitched in to help you out.