Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New and Exciting

 We celebrated David's 34th birthday!  Lots of love and best wishes for my smart, talented, and devoted husband. 
Went to the dentist for regular check-up. While Valentina was in the chair first, Salvatore asked me to check for any wiggly teeth again. As I peered into his mouth, I saw this!!  (This was on a Thursday, and just the last Sunday I also checked and nothing was there). His two baby teeth were still not even wiggly, but the big ones had a different agenda. Once the dentist saw the X-rays, he said he needed to remove them-pronto!  Salvatore was such a brave one, taking 4 shots of anesthesia and didn't cry at all. Dentist pulled them out with his fingers.  
Amazing how much older he looked IMMEDIATELY!  Tooth fairy was very generous also.  Rewarded not only for two stubborn teeth, but for bravery, which David so beautifully described to Salvatore as "not being unafraid, but being very afraid-and still doing what needs to be done anyways."

 We hosted a lovely beach themed shower for Alicia and it was a perfect day filled with lots of love, excitement, and chocolate!
 Valentina was the only little one in attendance and was so so sweet all day long. She was showered with love and attention from everybody, and especially bonded with Alicia's lovely mother.  She got to drink her ice water from a champagne flute, complete with fresh floating fruit.

 The beautiful and amazing bride to be. I got all choked up when she kept opening sweet gifts with their initial on it...K!  She will be a Keysor in less than two months!  
Our backyard is our haven, our special place to host and eat and celebrate anything and everything.  

What is new and exciting for you and your loved ones?

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