Saturday, May 25, 2013

Valentina 3.0

 Our sweet Valentina is now 3!!!  

She has been busy with dance class, acting like a princess, helping me cook, following Salvatore around at his soccer practices, and caring for all of her stuffed animals.

She is also obsessed with painting, dancing, singing and getting her nails done.

On her actual birthday, we took her to get her first (professional) manicure and pedicure.  Followed by a night out at Chuck E. Cheese.  
The next day, the four of us spent the whole day at Adventure City!  She rode, and loved, every ride. We had more pizza for dinner and sang to her with cupcakes at home.  
This was the first time we ever kept a birthday celebration so intimate and simple. No parties. No gifts.  We didn't even invite anyone.  Just some time together doing what felt right and what she wanted to do in that moment.  

She has the best laugh. And smile. People love her. Strangers love her and often stare when she is around.  They can't figure out if she is really mine or how old she really is with all that glorious hair.

She is a cuddle bug. Loves to hug and kiss. Loves to be close.  

Happy birthday to my wonderful daughter.  She is so much a big part of all of us.  She completes us.  She keeps me humble. She keeps me guessing. She keeps me worrying and she keeps me praying.  I am so glad that she is my only one, and that I am her only one.  

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