Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I'm 38!  While I am now applying both blemish cream and anti-wrinkle cream, I am happy with the face looking back at me in the mirror each morning.  As I get older, I'm less vain, more open, less scared, more committed, less insecure, more positive.  The same negative thoughts do creep in from time to time, but I learned from my old man that you basically are what you think you are, so positive is positive-we needn't make it any harder.  I've trained myself to block them out when they creep, and it gets easier each time.  As I age, I want less credit and attention, and crave more respect and cooperation.  

Thank you, Lord, for my wonderful family, friends, job and health.  I could not ask for more.

(Happy birthday to Josiah in Hong Kong-we share a special day)

What are your thoughts and blessings on your birthday this year?


  1. you are 38 and FABULOUS! :) hope you had a great birthday!!

  2. So well expressed (as always). It is so great to feel good in your own skin. I love what you said about not listening to negative self- talk. Go girl!! Thanks for the shout out to Josiah (: Enjoy 38!!