Saturday, March 9, 2013

You Know What I Mean

With both kids talking non-stop, Salvatore speaking eloquently and fiercely about every and any topic, and Valentina rambling on and on in her own little language, there is NEVER a QUIET moment here. Not in the car. Not in the store.  Not while I am trying to take a shower.  Not while falling asleep. Or on the phone, or even at the table. You catch my drift...

These often used phrases from the kids just crack me up, though, because they sound so silly...

Sal will say:  "Once for all, I need to put my shoes on."  (He means First of all),
                     "We haven't been to Target in ever bit."  (He means In a little while),
               and "Valentina, you are using that toy non correctly."  (He means Incorrectly).

Val will say:  "Get away to me!"   (She means Get away FROM me),
                      "Good girl, Salvatore!"  (She always uses the feminine form for everyone),
                "I want to wear my baby suit, too!"  (She thinks my bra/panties are a bikini everyday),
         and "Go kitchen, Benny, you a bad girl."  (Our dog is a male).

What do your kids say that crack you up?

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