Sunday, February 24, 2013

SO Pretty in Pink

 Valentina might grow up to be a nurse.  Whenever anyone gets hurt here, she rushes over with a concerned look and tries really hard to help you up and offer you a kiss.  Even to Benedict.
 Valentina might grow up to be a soccer player.  She can kick the ball as well as her brother did at the same age and is showing the same coordination and determination on any playing surface.
 Valentina might grow up to be a supermodel.  Look at this picture. Seriously. And she loves trying to put on my clothes and has mastered wearing high heels around the house.
 Valentina might grow up to be a musician. She will play with her piano and sing and make up songs.  She also loves to dance and dance. To anything. Anywhere.
Valentina might grow up and just be the "boss".  Of everything. She certainly tries at home.  Drives us crazy. She is loud, bossy, demanding and has no fear of confrontation.  I'm praying every day and night that these personality traits, both inherited and developed, will serve and protect her well one day. But she also sees us all working hard for our home, for them, and for each other.  She knows to just entertain herself when things need to get done. She is silly and smart. So sassy and yet, so simple.  So honest with all of her feelings.  And while she can drive us all to the brink, she acts and feels so safe here with all of us.  So sure of herself.  And she is learning. And won't stop growing.
I love you, little one.


  1. Love this!!

    She is absolutely adorable. So is her brother :)

    Aren't we so lucky to get to raise these amazing people? It is an incredible gift.


  2. Has she been taking "independence" lessons from Molly? It's so much fun to NEVER know what to expect next!

  3. I think she will do all those things...