Saturday, September 15, 2012

Salvatore's First Soccer Game

We had his first game this morning.  He was so great!  It was so hot, we could barely stand it.  But to see him in his element was all worth it.  They gathered and practiced for 40 minutes, then played two 10 minute games.  He scored 5 goals!  And the sportsmanship was abundant.  Lots of cheering, hi-fives, taking turns, and running through the tunnel of family hands at the end was the best.  We are looking forward to more Saturdays on the field.
His team name is Transformers.  About 60 boys total, so you can imagine the logistics of setting everyone up.  They all have the same number, 12.  They are all the same age, height, and weight.  If you were more than 25 feet away, you seriously could not tell which kid was yours!
(Sal is the one who scores at the end of this video, in case you couldn't pick him out either :)

1 comment:

  1. I hope you guys have the early game every weekend...
    This heat is crazy!
    So happy to see him in his element!