Friday, September 7, 2012

How Cute is Valentina?

I'll tell you how cute...

1.  She walks better in heels than some women my age.

2. When she wants you to hush, she puts her finger up to her nose instead of her mouth.

3.  She still puts herself in timeouts.

4.  She wants her toenails painted all of the time now.

5.  She always wants to brush Salvatore's hair when he gets out of the shower.

6.  She tries to dress herself and always puts both legs in one hole.

7.  The way she shouts "PIZZA" if we are remotely close to a CostCo.

8.  She will sit through almost an entire movie in a theater now, but I must let her feed me candy just to keep her quiet for the last few minutes.

9.  She gets really happy when she sees babies, puppies, and cats in public.

10.  She is learning to recite the Our Father, Padre Nuestro in Spanish so she can say her prayers with Daddy and Salvatore each night.


  1. SUPER CUTE! :) i love number 7! haha! a girl after my own heart. :)