Friday, December 16, 2011

Two. More. Winter. Hats.

They love them!
As winter approaches, I am learning to welcome it more. It brings nice holidays and a much needed break from work, but also brings terrible weather. I honestly just wait for it to run its course so we can get closer and closer to summer.
But I get more house cleaning done in the winter. Time to reorganize and rearrange. Move things around. Out with the old and in with the new...
As I was cleaning out the closets, I found a bag of Valentina's first shoes. Tiny little sandals and Pumas tennis shoes. Sizes 0 and 1. I remember buying them, dressing her, enjoying them, and putting them away.

It. is. all. going. too. fast.

We aren't having any more kids. And I feel complete. Honestly, I would've felt complete with any number of children, one or 5. When new life comes in and joins yours...COMPLETE!

There is something uniquely special about each size of family.
I smile when I see one parent and child. How intimate. How personal, special and fun! I imagine all of the things they get to do together, all of the places they can go. The deep conversations. How that parent gets a special ticket to know everything about that child and share many memories.
I smile when I see 4 or 5 kids. How fun and loud. Lots of giggly voices and pitter patters. Big cars, big meals. Lots of laundry. Hand-me-downs and sharing.

Funny thing is, families with 4 or 5 still have special times and go lots of places. And families with one still have tons of giggles, big meals, loads of laundry and sharing.

As I held on to Valentina's shoes, I closed my eyes and knew exactly what I wanted. Not another baby. I wanted THEM. To be babies, again. Or for longer. If I could do it again with them or just stretch time out with them, I would. More. Longer. Again.
As we were ready to rest and the bedtime story was over, I held each one in my arms.
One for my right and one for my left.
I could give each one of them an eye, a kidney, one limb. Even one nostril.
I have one for each half of my heart.
Lots of intimacy and places to go. Lots of giggles, big meals, pitter patter and sharing.

Why can't my babies stay babies for just a bit more?
Because there is.
And I wouldn't be typing this right now if we all stayed babies. Ha!

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  1. couldn't have said it better myself! :) i should remind myself of everything you've written... esp on the "bad" days. this makes me want to hug my babies right now!

    enjoy your break!! :) see you in a few weeks!