Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Salvatore is 4

You were born on a Friday night. The Simpsons were on TV. You came a week early.
I went to work and was expecting another weekend to rest. While giving my 3rd graders a math test after lunch, I started to feel tired. I tried to sit it out. By the time the kids were turning in their tests and I didn't have anything lined up for them to work on next, I knew I needed to call David and the doctor. One call to the office and Estella came in looking anxious and Alma walked in looking confident. I followed her lead. Sat on the broken couch and practiced my labored breathing while many teachers stared and smiled. Called Daddy many times-no answer. He was painting your room with Tia Mayda. Reached the doc and they said to come right in. Called my dad and he drove down with Daddy so they could follow us to St. Jude. Checked in. Got a room and a robe. 4 pm. 5 centimeters. 6 pm and 8 centimeters. Epidural.
You entered the world at 7:39 p.m. and my life was given to God all over again. I said to the doctor that I loved that experience and wanted to have 10 more kids. Seriously.
Did you know that you didn't give the doctor "a good enough cry" so she kept you under the incubator and the NICU team came in to help clear your lungs? For 45 minutes. I hadn't held you yet. One nurse told me not to worry if they were letting Daddy touch you so much. I NEVER took my eyes off of you for the entire 45 minutes. Then they gave you to me and I will never forget how it felt to meet you for the first time.
I couldn't believe how good I felt. I was ready to get right up and walk. Tia Mayda and Lolo were the first to meet you. So many visitors came.
On Sunday morning, Daddy and I had our first experience as a parenting team-your carseat. It had to be perfect in order to be discharged, and it wasn't, so we struggled with no instructions or idea of how to fix it. But we did it.
On the drive home, we stopped at Babies R Us and I was amazed and how it felt to be out in public with a two day old and to see you in your seat and not feel you inside anymore.
Benny was so happy to meet you when we got home. He has adored you ever since.
I have no "awful birth story to remind you about when you are older"...I loved every single minute. You are the greatest son and brother and we love you now and forever more, sweet Salvatore.
4 is gonna rock!


  1. what wonderful words and precious memories, shalimar. for you to be reminded and for sal to one day read how much his momma fell in love with him the day he was born. this post makes me miss birth (even though my birth stories were not as pleasant!)... it still makes me miss that moment when you first meet your baby. i want more!!!

    happy fourth birthday, salvatore!

  2. What a beautiful post. I don't even know you and it made me tear up. You have a beautiful spirit and an equally beautiful family.

  3. I love it :)
    (and you were watching your favorite cartoon!)

    He's still a wonder to me...your sweet, sweet boy and his wonderful spirit.

    Happy Birthday, Salvatore. We love you, too!

  4. I am all teared up! What a wonderful birth story! Happy birthday big boy! You are such a sweet,smart and adorable boy!!! We love you!

  5. Happy belated bday Salvatore. That is a beautiful post. I too remember that day - we are so lucky to have our kiddos all around the same age. I look forward to getting the kids together soon:)