Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Life with Two

I used to never let Salvatore eat popcorn until he was 2. Even then, I broke off the crusty kernel piece so he would never choke. This was nearly impossible to do in the pitch black of a movie theater.

With Valentina? She ate popcorn, crusty kernel and all, for DINNER the other night. DINNER.

I used to freak out when Salvatore screamed, cried or whined in the store or bank or wherever we were. I would get so embarrassed and immediately decide if I had to firmly discipline or just bolt.

With Valentina? I couldn't care less. Really. I have not only finished shopping while she has a fit, but have continued to finish the rest of my errands, dragging her to multiple more stores.

I used to always wipe Salvatore's mouth and make him sit in his high chair for the entire meal and blah blah blah.

With Valentina? She is the messiest eater and I literally hold her out for Benedict to lick her clean. And she hates her high chair now. Most meals are in our laps or while she runs around the living room.

Salvatore, I am so sorry if I screwed you up by being my first born.

Valentina, please don't grow up to be a wild gypsy.
(She climbed up on the table to help herself to David's soda and Salvatore's cookie)


  1. hahahaha!
    you definitely did NOT screw up salvatore or valentina. your kids are wonderful and because of you. i think most parents do what you did with salvatore with their first child. my mom would tell me she did the same things you are talking about with me and by the time angie and alice rolled around, she threw the rule book out of the window! :) i'm glad i'm reading this now, because i'm sure i'll encounter this once isaiah gets older. ps i did the same kernel thing with isabelle. but i'm sure i'll let isaiah snack away on popcorn, kernel and all, way before i even let isabelle sample it! :)

  2. I only laugh because I know EXACTLY what you mean. We've survived the crazy toddler stage. Wasn't graceful, but we survived. Valentina and Molly are kindred souls.....