Saturday, September 3, 2011

Back to School

The school year has started again.
So far, so good.
In true Shalimar fashion, my lunch bag is bigger than my school bag each day.

Since I have to work and help financially support my family, Richman is the best place to be.
I get to see my friends.
I get to spend time with my students.
I get to talk about interesting, funny, cool or sad things with people whom I admire and respect.
I get to write, type, and exercise my brain.
I get to make schedules, come up with plans, change minds, and pay attention.
And while I hate not being home with my kids and making their breakfast and lunch, I keep reminding myself that someday soon, both Salvatore and Valentina will be walking out that door each morning with me on the way to school...a place where I hope they have teachers who get up and leave their families each day to come and serve.

Salvatore will start his official preschool year this Wednesday. He will attend the same great school that he tried out in June. I picked up his calendar and am ready for him to start this journey of education, friendship, successes, failures, projects, sports, assemblies, fundraisers and school functions.
Wish us luck!

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  1. Richman really is a blessing....I'm so thankful I see you everyday!