Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Hero is RAD

My mom has been visiting this week and we have had many great discussions about our favorite topics: love, family, people, faith and...more people. A few common quotes keep resurfacing in these conversations..."People are who they are" and "It is what it is" as we share, discuss, connect, and catch up on so many different stories.
Also, at this time in my life, I have continued to see many examples of people totally changing for the better and people never changing at all.
Long painful struggles with sad endings.
Quick, unbelievable moments that change things forever.
The short end of a stick.
The &*^%$ unfairness of it all.
The glass half full.
Half empty.
Slow recoveries.
New chapters.
For each of these...however you were dealt...one common theme arises. Forward.
Maybe it is an exciting leap.
Maybe it's a slow crawl.
But forward, none the less, is the direction we all continue to go...be it by faith, hope, love, shame, spirituality, or just momentum.

So, what is my point? My point is that I have a new hero.
The other night, while watching ESPN, this story came on and had me in a trance. I listened to every. single. word. and then seriously reflected on not just my perfect-seeming, happy little life, but on my ATTITUDE towards everything in it.
First, I cried.
Then, I smiled.
Life IS what it is and people ARE what they are.
And these 13 minutes and 11 seconds will touch you in a way that you never dreamed.
It will take your mind off of your own problems better than any stupid reality show or other "guilty pleasure."
Let something like his story fill you up.


  1. That is one committed son! It is an amazing story and it is refreshing. People are interesting. You are right sometimes people surprise you and sometimes they stay exactly the same. I guess that is what makes being Human different than all the other animals. I am glad you are getting some quality time with your mom. Keep enjoying your summer and I hope we can get together soom.

  2. I am filled...

    Pretty awesome story. Pretty awesome kid.

    Thanks for sharing...he's my hero, too.