Thursday, April 21, 2011

Citrus Fair

Last weekend, La Habra celebrated the annual Spring Citrus Fair, and we celebrated by eating there as much as we could. They had Chik-fil-A (ohhh yes, Ana), Ruby's, tacos, pizza, root beer floats, fried Twinkies, cotton candy and so much more. Salvatore loved the rides and games. This motorcycle ride was his favorite and he would ask to ride it each morning as he awoke.

I just love his face here. And I love her cute, fat little feet.

Valentina loved watching her brother enjoy the festivities. She also loved the balloons, live music, and other babies in strollers.
Salvatore and abuela on the swings.
Salvatore and I on the racing car ride. He was tall enough to ride, but not tall enough to ride alone. Yet, they made me sit behind him. I barely fit. You can see my knees up to my chest.

Salvatore went on everything that he was tall enough to ride. He surprised me by asking to ride the dinosaur roller coaster, because he has been quite cautious of such things in the past. I was too big for this one, so he climbed in alone. We walked to the other side and I held my breath fearing that he would scream and/or cry the moment it started. He didn't. Not only did he try to strike up a conversation with the carnival worker and the kid sitting behind him, but he excitedly screamed and bravely raised his arms like a pro.

He talked about it each night as he would fall asleep and he couldn't wait to return each day. It was just enough to hold us over until August, when La Habra brings the annual Corn Festival back. Stay tuned for more horse riding photos with both kids this summer!


  1. We are TOTALLY coming to the corn festival with you. Molly would love all those rides with Salvatore :) and, of course, the corn!

  2. What great family memories. La Habra has such fun family activities. I want to come to the corn festival too. We should make it a play date with the "big" kids and Valentina of course :).