Monday, April 11, 2011

What do YOU do at the Park?

Salvatore likes to eat. Then play soccer.
Then run around the lines on the field. Then play on the swings. Then chase the rabbits.

Valentina likes to watch things. And eat grass. But mommy won't let her.
So we gave her the ball. She tried to eat the ball.
I love this picture of her face. Not bad for my little rinky-dink camera.

What do I like to do at the park?
I like to play catch with my husband.
I like to run soccer drills with Salvatore.
I like to nurse Valentina on a quiet bench by all of the bunnies.
I like to watch everyone around me enjoy the day.


  1. i like to take pictures of my kiddos and their sweet friends!

  2. I have decided that Zachary needs to have a playdate with Valentina!!