Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Talent in her Little Finger

I have a nice friend, Melissa, who made these wonderful gifts for me before and after I had my children.  Upon hearing that I was expecting a daughter, she made this beautiful blanket for her and gave it as my baby shower gift. SO GENEROUS!!

We use it daily and you can see how much Valentina loves it!  

Back when I was due with Salvatore, she made me this blanket for him.
He also still loves it!

When I returned to work this past August, I wanted to be able to carry stuff around with me when I didn't have pockets, so I thought of Melissa.  I wanted an apron.  I had the idea to give her Salvatore and Valentina's old clothes and asked to just make a patchwork apron from it.  I did not know what to expect, but she created the most beautiful apron.  It looked even better than I imagined and she found a great way to blend all of their clothing together!

Now, every time that I wear this apron, I have sweet reminders of Salvatore and Valentina!  I had originally just been saving some favorite clothes from them in a plastic bag in our attic.  This way, I can have the special memories with me whenever I want!  
I will call on her soon again, to make some more special things for some special people in my life.  Melissa, you come from a talented and wonderful family (her mother and sister teach at my school and also make incredible crafts), and we are blessed to know you all!  
Anyone interested in Melissa's special talent, please contact her at:


  1. Cute! Part of them is with you even when you're working; what could be better? I still have apile of water polo tournament t-shirts from the Air Force Academy that I've been meaning to make into a quilt for my handsome nephew...maybe this will inspire me.

  2. So, I LOVE that picture of Valentina....and then, I get to the one of Salvatore, and I am equally smitten.
    I love that sweet blanket, too...but it's even cuter with that sweet baby on it :)

  3. This is so nice Shalimar:) I am glad you liked everything. I know each piece was made with you and your future family in mind. Melissa is talented and it is nice when her work makes others happy and comfortable:)

  4. Love the apron! What a great idea!