Friday, December 10, 2010

6 months

Valentina Lourdes is 6 months old!

She has been spoiled by her Sita (my mom), her Lolo (my dad), her abuela (David's mom) and by her abuelo (David's dad).

She is getting so big and so bright!  She sits up all the time now.  She loves playing with all of her brother's toys.  She gets so excited when she sees Benedict.  She talks, coos and babbles so much, just like her big brother.
She does not really seem to like her solid food that much, it is more of a hit-or-miss with her on any given day.  She would much prefer to nurse all day and often waits for me to return home from work to eat most of her meals.  And she is no longer sleeping through the night, which is awful on me, but the house full of family is worth the change.  I have learned from Salvatore's experiences that it always works out somehow, someway. 
She is just so precious.  We love her and take turns holding her and playing with her all day.  Salvatore is the best big brother and we are so proud at how they interact!


  1. I love her toes and her little tummy ;)

  2. me too! me too! i want to bite her toesies! :)

  3. Look at the big girl - I can't believe it has been six months! Yay for a beautiful, smart, and healthy baby:)