Friday, November 12, 2010

Some Valentina Milestones

I hate to admit it, but I have not been good at filling in her baby book.  It is now mostly on the blog.  I had a nice little calendar for Salvatore all filled out, and that is how I can look back and check and compare the two of them.  But, anyways.  Here she is sitting up.  She's been doing it for about a week and will either last for 2 seconds or 2 minutes, but she is practicing!

Here she is blowing raspberries and just being simply adorable.  You can also see her two bottom teeth, which came in 3 weeks ago.  She bit her own toes the other day and immediately gave me the saddest look and cried.  
Valentina will be 6 months old this Thursday, the same day her Tio Brian, and Godfather, turns 33 and her Aunt Suzanne turns 33+10.