Friday, November 12, 2010

Senior Citizen

I took Benedict in for his yearly immunizations and he was a champ as always.  I don't think he even feels the needle at all.  And he LOVES our vet and they love him too! 

 While waiting for the vet to come in, I was reading the "How Old is your Dog?" chart on the wall.  According to his weight (92 lbs.), he ages faster than dogs weighing less.  Benedict is 5 years old and will be 6 on March 2nd.  This March, he will be 48 dog years old, and according to vet science, this will begin his senior citizen time.  He will be considered a senior citizen dog until 9 human years, which will then put him into the geriatric category.  

I started to cry as I read the chart. 

 A senior dog.  Benny.  The one who still jumps on every person who walks in the door.  Benny.  The one who still scampers around the backyard like he did as a puppy.  Benny. The first thing I ever owned that had me changing my plans, my mind, and my life.  
The first thing I ever spent more money on than myself.  The first thing I ever let sleep in my bed and lick my plate clean.  The one who cost us so much money in home repairs with his teething and chewing and digging and barking.  The one who taught me more about patience, love, and being a teacher than my credential program did. 
 Benedict, we love you. 
 We don't walk you enough and you are pretty much bossed around by all of us, but we love you.


  1. Oh Benny!! This post makes me want to cry! I often think the same thoughts as I look at my little Molly and Calli and see the gray hairs around their mouths! They are our children too!

  2. I don't see Benny as a senor citizen! People are only as old as they feel, right? I am sure the same it true for dogs! Your family will continue to learn patience, change plans, and spend $$$ on him for many years to come;)

  3. oh, this post makes me sad. we had to give our cuppy away... :( i think benny looks great for a "senior citizen"! :)

  4. I love this! Benny is an awesome dog - such a sweetheart at every turn. xoxo, Benny!