Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Super Hero

Salvatore wanted to be Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story for Halloween.
So we slowly found him essential pieces for this ensemble.
This particular wing pack lights up, talks, and raises and lowers the wings with the push of a button.  We will post video after Halloween, so you can see his complete costume.
Jack introduced Salvatore to Toy Story and brought over dozens of toys and the first movie on DVD for him to enjoy.  Sal was instantly hooked and enamored.  To hear him politely beg to wear these wings all day and to watch him run around and pretend to fly is just priceless.  Tune in for a Halloween post to see Buzz Lightyear and his fairy princess sister save the world!


  1. Glad to have passed on the love of toy story!
    I still think valentina should be an alien....

  2. Can't WAIT to see the finished product! But I think Valentina should be the tiny princess that she IS.

  3. We should get the kids together at one point - Milan is going to be Jessie and Dean is going to be Woody. We are hooked on TS2 right now. It would be so cute if we could get a picture if it works out:)