Sunday, October 24, 2010

Can You Argue With His Logic and Reasoning?

Oh smart, silly, funny little guy....the stuff that comes out of your mouth!

(The following snippets are paraphrased conversations)

On potty training:
Me:  You need to use the potty all of the time, Salvatore.
Sal:  When I get bigger, mommy, I need to be BIGGER!  Right now I am still too small, like Valentina.  She uses diapers so I will use them with her.

On playing with Valentina's toys:
Me:  Can you show Valentina this new toy so she can learn to play with it?
Sal:  I can show her MY old toys and teach her because she is a baby and now I am too big.  I know all of MY toys.

On toy commercials geared for girls:
Sal:  I want you to buy me that (doll house, Easy Bake, princess whatever) if I become a girl, ok mommy?  Only if I become a girl.

On hearing bad words from T.V.:
(yes, sometimes we can't catch them all on any given show...judge if you want:)
Me:  You are not to say those words at any time.  
Sal:  Then why is he saying them?
Me:  Because he is an adult and sometimes adults use those words if they don't know what else to say or if they were not raised better than that.
Sal:  Oh.  I will say SHIT when I get bigger then.  Only when I get bigger, when I am an adult.  Then I can say it.



  1. I am not judging, but I am laughing;)

    He is a smart boy - you are right, how can you argue with these thoughts when they make so much sense? I like the part about becoming a girl:)

    I can remember being young and wanting "boy" toys. I would ask for them for Christmas and not my birthday when other people could see them at my party. It starts young doesn't it???

  2. hahahahahahahaha!
    can you PLEASE write a book? :)

  3. I look forward to these... I read them aloud to John when you post them! I loved the shit one. I'm not a sailor, but sometimes, if I'm really mad or frustrated or stressed, I might sound like one!

  4. Simply awesome on all counts!!

  5. Soo funny! I love the one about becoming a girl, he, he!