Thursday, October 15, 2009

Memories and Feelings

I have a good friend named Melodie, who has an awesome son named Reece.  Reece is about 9 months older than Salvatore and they love to get together and play.  You should see them when we push them in their strollers side by side-they can't stop squealing, giggling, and reaching out for each other.  About a month and a half ago, we had them over for dinner and we ate outside on the patio in the final days of the warm summer nights.  If you have been in my backyard, then you know that we have an unnecessary strip of concrete left over from the construction that separates our two sections of grass.   Reece tripped over it and landed on his knees and scraped them up.  He was a good sport about it, and really only cried when he knew that the length of his shorts hurt worse to rub against his knees than the actual fall did.  So we took off his shorts and he was fine.  We ate, laughed, played, and finished the night with a neighborhood walk with the strollers.  
Salvatore has brought this evening up many times because he will suddenly call Reece's name and make a sad face and reach down to hold his own knees.  The first few times he did it was when we were in the backyard, but he has been bringing it up lately everywhere we go.  Last night, as we drove to pick up David, Salvatore retold me the story of Reece falling down in the backyard and even made some crying sounds and some "shhhh" sounds that  the antibacterial spray made as he touched one knee and then the other.  I listened with my usual "Oh" and "Really" comments as I drove.  He finished with the sweetest, "I'm sorry Reece, I love you Reece, and I miss you Reece."  To me, it felt like I was listening to a dear friend recount an event from his life.  I felt a deep connection to Salvatore and he could remember, retell, and connect feelings like a big person.  As we continue to watch the "baby days and stages" completely disappear, I am loving the person he is becoming. And we do miss you Reece!!

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  1. i love that in the midst of soccer balls and bubbles he is able to make such connections.
    you know you can't TEACH that, right?
    i always thought that it was a bonus that Jack was so smart, but that the real importance was that he was so compassionate and a genuinely sweet soul.

    how lucky you are that salvatore already shows his heart. and THAT will only get bigger :)