Sunday, October 25, 2009

Boy or Girl? We want your thoughts!

We all know the Old Wives' Tales to predict what sex your baby will be.  And for every person we know who happened to fit one stereotype or another, there have been many more to break that stereotype completely.  I can't seem to get one Old Wives' Tale out of my head though.  The one about how carrying a boy gives a woman a "glow" and adds to her beauty and how carrying a girl "robs" a woman of her beauty.  When I was pregnant with Salvatore, I had morning sickness all 9 months, but I always felt relief and I felt so healthy and energetic.  I exercised throughout the pregnancy and ate well and my skin cleared and my hair grew in so thickly that I had it thinned out every month.  With this one, I haven't felt good for one whole day.  My severe nausea and vomiting have me on medication and I have no energy and I don't even remember HOW to work out.  My skin is not clear, it is greasy.  Same with my hair.  Even my fake blonde colored hair seems to take on an orangey hue.  Regardless, I am still THRILLED TO BE WITH CHILD.  So, family and friends, what are your thoughts?  Chinese calendar says "girl".  Luz at work says "girl".  I always imagined myself with two little boys.   Please post a comment and share your vote!

P.S.  We will officially find out what we are having mid-December and you will know shortly after we do.



  1. well, i was "sicker" with Molly, too. Not like you though..
    and when I see you with 2 little ones, I also see 2 boys....
    Can I vote later? I am sure I will have a dream about it.
    I said girl for Ana almost the whole time, then had a boy dream....
    Right now, I am saying boy :)

  2. I say girl. What do I know, though? I was convinced (and so was everyone else) that our baby was a boy... until we saw the 3 white lines! Filipino custom says that if it's a boy, you're ugly, so I was told I was ugly for the first 4 months.

  3. I think girl too. Just because you feel so differently this time.