Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Salvatore started Kindergarten

 Salvatore started Kindergarten yesterday.  He was ready.  We are so proud.  Here he is with his good friend Molly.  Same class.  Great teacher.  So exciting!!
 New haircut for school and soccer.
 David and Valentina joined us on our first day back.  Kinder had a nice orientation and an hour's worth of play and information.  Then David got to take him back home one last time.  It was emotional for us as parents, but we are so encouraged by this new stage of our lives, especially his.  
I finally feel like the stay at home mom I wanted to be when he was very young.  Now I cook him breakfast each morning, drive with him to school, catch his eye and get big waves from across campus, and ride home with him as he begins the social, emotional and developmental journey of education outside of the home.  Do your best, my son.  We love you very much.