Friday, April 16, 2010

More Embarrassing Toddler Comments in Public

This morning, we all went to the doctor's office so David could get his yearly physical and  blood test, just to check his cholesterol, thyroid, etc.  While waiting at the Quest Lab, Salvatore noticed the two lab techs walking back and forth.  He started watching them carefully, and when one older female lab tech, with very short hair, left the room, he asked loudly, "Where did HE go, mama?"  I immediately corrected his "he" into a "she" and answered, "She is working and she will be right back."  Not good enough for him.  He challenged my "she" and turned it back into a "he" and asked even louder, "No, where did HE go, mama?"  Now the man sitting next to me was laughing under his breath.  David stepped in and quietly told Sal that the person was a "senora" and Sal said "no, senor!"  Nothing either one of us said was going to change his mind. Oh my goodness.  This must be the beginning of some unusual, public, embarrassing and totally inappropriate comments!!!!!


  1. Oh dear...sometimes his great vocabulary can cause problems.

  2. Had to read this one outloud to John. :) Someday, when you're not in public, you'll be able to laugh at this.

  3. From the mouth of babes as they say! He makes my day from afar! Whenever I'm having a rough day I just come to your Blog and see what my little nephew has been up to--giggles galore!